History of the Group


A traveling, recovery-based standup comedy troupe.

Felon O’Reilly began organizing sober comedy shows called “Laughs Without Liquor” back in Portland, Maine 2005 because many of his buddies were not able to go to an establishment that serves liquor, but wanted to see Felon perform on stage.

He did a few shows in Portland’s local comedy club and quickly started branching out producing benefit comedy shows for recovery related non-profit organizations and centers. He worked with several sober Comics from New England who performed in these shows along-side Felon. One of them was friend and fellow New England Comic, Ian Harvie. Felon and Ian were Comic friends with recovery in common.

Felon and Ian both later moved to the West Coast, Felon to Seattle, Ian to Los Angeles. They would visit from time to time and one weekend they were in LA visiting and Ian was performing at the Downtown Comedy Club. That night on the early show, fellow Comic Amy Dresner was performing her unique comedy which included a lot of recovery based material. Felon and Ian talked and agreed that Amy would be a great addition to the group that would be come a traveling, recovery based standup comedy tour. Felon asked Amy if she’d like to do some upcoming shows with the two of them. Amy said yes, and Laughs Without Liquor was reborn.

Felon O’Reilly, Ian Harvie and Amy Dresner are three of the the most unlikely group of friends and comics to travel and tour together. But their diversity is clearly their one of their strengths. A former career armed criminal and drug addict (Felon), transgender funnyman who used to be a girl (Ian), and the raucous recovering meth head and Jew (Amy); all in recovery and sharing the bill sharing stories of their experience, strength and hope.

Felon, Ian and Amy have performed all over the U.S. – Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, Key West, Los Angeles, Portland and the other Portland.. and many more. Collectively the group has raised thousands of dollars for recovery-based non-profit organizations, from 12 step sober clubhouses to sober houses to treatment centers.

After their recent tour from September 2010 to April 2011, and careful consideration the group changed its name to We Are Not Saints, which was the name of their last tour. It was general consensus that the former name was too limiting and that they wanted to reach people with all kinds of addictions and diseases, not just those who have suffered with alcohol.

We Are Not Saints is currently booking their second tour, please check the www.wearenotsaints.net web site for show dates near you!