Felon The Comic

Felon is the real deal. His smooth style captivates audiences. Master of the misdirect, Felon hits hard and fast. With a mind that never stops, Felon constantly creates original work based on his unique experiences involving life on the streets, crime, alcohol and substance abuse. Felon has preformed throughout the country at recovery events; AA Conventions, Treatment Centers, and Correctional Centers. He performs both a Stand-Up Recovery Comedy and a Motivational Public Speaker Routine which includes a Q & A portion.  The act ranges from 45 to 90 minutes and can be tailored to specific ages, 12 step associations, and select audience demographics.  On a personal note and as one also in recovery, I can say that Felon is not only super funny but I have gone from cheering to crying and as let hopefully every time I have seem him perform.

He performed regularly at the Comedy Connection in Portland, Maine. Felon has opened for Bob Marley, Ian Harvie, Margret Cho and other well known comedians. He has also appeared with Bob Marley in the films, “Tough Hombres” and “Fugitive From Goldtown”, the first two of three films written and produced by Comedian, Quinn Collins.

For more comedy videos, please visit Felon O’Reilly’s YOUTUBE channel.