“He effectively uses his experiences both in prison and as a recovering alcoholic and addict in his routine. His ultimate goal is to use his comedy to reach alcoholics and addicts and those involved in criminal activity.”
Karen Moody
US Probation Department
Portland, ME

“As a group, the teenagers in our program tend to present as resistant to treatment and ambivalent about substance abuse and the impact on their lives. Your presentation was very appropriate and well received by them. They actively participated throughout the presentation. Feedback was very positive. I look forward to having you back.”
Linda Tiffany
IOP Council
Day One

“I often sit in my cell and wonder how it will be when I get out… from one addict to another, thank you, for you encouraged me that day.”
Maine Correctional Center

“What struck me the most was when you was in prison and realized you could have a good time without drugs. There is more to life than banging dope and smoking crack.”
Windham State Prison